Don't quit your practice: A lesson in joy.

One year ago, I conducted a month long experiment with over 100 people to discover what would happen if we invested in personal joy everyday.

I offered daily thoughts and posed questions to foster the idea of joy – what it is, how to find it, and how to create it.

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Out of all the things that came up for people, there was a through line of activity that brought immediate joy or a state of flow.

The participants who had played sports or danced in the past found that going back to those activities brought immediate joy. Even if they weren’t at the same level of play as their younger self, the act of participating or including it in daily life brought a deep sense of joy.

Just because you are not playing currently doesn’t mean that your sport can’t still be part of your life – and in fact, could bring immense joy if you keep up with the practice.

It doesn’t have to be on a team. Dribbling a soccer ball, shooting hoops, running on a track, dancing, moving in ways you’ve always known and love doesn’t have to stop when your team time does.

There's sadness, depression, and feelings of being lost when you retire from your sport. A lot of times it's the loss of team connection and experience. Sometimes it's the loss of practice. 

If you've been practicing your whole life, why does that have to stop when you retire? What if it didn't have to? 

I've been incorporating basketball into my weekly program and leisurely shooting hoops as my cardiac output/zone 2 training day. 

Not only does it help me look forward to cardiac output training days, it gets me into a flow state where I am completely present. I'm always happy as fuck afterward.  

If you have taken the practice of your sport out of your program, I'm going to challenge you to find a way to incorporate it back in. 

Find your inner 11 year old who wanted to play just to play. Get lost in it again. Not only will it continue your lifelong pursuit of athleticism, it could bring a lifetime of joy. 


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