Why Formation Strength? Lori's Story.

It’s been a little over 2 years since I retired from professional soccer and the question I receive most often is:

“What do I miss most about playing?”

While I miss the “big games,” the competition amongst teammates, and the travel that allowed me to see the world….what I miss the most is the team atmosphere and being a part of a community that is much bigger than oneself.

My soccer journey started when I was four years old, but didn’t really start to become “serious” until my freshman year of high school when I found strength training.

It had become apparent that Indiana was not a soccer hotbed and that if I wanted to reach my fullest potential on the field and compete against the best players in the country I needed to find “something else” to supplement my training other than the skill work I had solely been focusing on.

That “something else” happened to be strength training. It became the foundation of my athleticism.

Strength training enhanced my performance and resiliency, and also gave me a sense of control in an environment where often times very little is within our control.

Most importantly it built my confidence both on and off the field – it became the fuel for everything I did.

To this day, my training still fuels everything I do and it empowers me everyday. It just looks a little different.

No longer is my training geared towards becoming the best I can be on the soccer field, rather it provides me with the tools that allows me to live the life I want. Like climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro this June! Yikes!

The most challenging aspect of retirement is finding that sense of community, team-like atmosphere again.

There are some amazing groups and messages centered on women’s fitness. Most, however, are centered around weight loss, body image or competition that pushes your body to complete exhaustion – none of which I completely resonate with.

I have been searching for a middle ground – training that allows me to remain athletic and be a part of a community that understands the trials and tribulations of what life is like after an athletic career.

Enter Formation Strength.

When Wheels approached me about Formation Strength, I jumped at the opportunity.  It became clear that we had both been searching for the same community. So instead of waiting or searching for a new team – why not create one ourselves?

So we did.

Over the past two years I’ve craved being part of a team again. One that resonates with me as an athlete, how I train, that includes friendly competition, and the feeling of empowerment through like-minded individuals. That’s what I strive for with Formation Strength.

My hope is that Formation Strength will become a community of badass women who continue to have a sense of purpose after their playing days. A place where women’s strength and training will be maintained.

For me, it’s all about women unabashedly expressing their athleticism. As we transition into a new athletic identity, Formation Strength is here to help foster that growth. This is for women who identify with a fitness message post-playing day and recognize the longevity of their athletic foundation.

It’s going to be awesome! So come join us!


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We want to connect and truly create a team environment. Drop us a message or introduce yourself, and ask as many questions as possible. We are in this thing together and want to give you the most specific information as possible to help you crush your pursuit of lifelong athleticism.