Formation Strength #WCW: Andrea Hudy

2012 Strength Coach of the year,  Andrea Hudy, is the Wonder Women of Strength and Conditioning coaches.

She is the only female D1 Strength coach and oversees the Anderson Strength and Conditioning Complex for all KU sports except football.

Andrea landed at KU after nine and a half years at the University of Connecticut, where she worked closely with the Huskies’ national champion men’s and women’s basketball teams. In all, she was part of eight national championship teams while at Connecticut – two men’s basketball; five women’s basketball; and one men’s soccer.

Andrea worked with 19 Jayhawks who went on to play professional basketball. Overall, she’s worked with 37 student-athletes who went on to play in the NBA and 21 who went on to play in the WNBA.

Describe one day in your life.

I get up, make coffee, and walk my dog. Then come to work and do some of my administrative duties. I’ll meet with my staff and discuss what the daily goals are or what’s coming up. Then I’ll workout, eat lunch, work with the men’s basketball team and head to practice from there.

You have spent much of your professional life at UCONN and Kansas figuring out the best way to help athletes reach their potential. What have you found are the most successful ways?

You have to get to know them and understand what their goals are. It’s important to develop a relationship.


You have been a part of nine national championship teams in your career. What are three keys to a championship culture?

1. I would rather train the athlete to be a better person, and to be accountable, disciplined, caring, than to just worry about their performance. If you can build on one you’ll build on the other.

2. Competition

3. Perseverance

What does positive coaching (in the weight room) mean to you?

Positive coaching would be teaching lifetime movement skills, making sure it’s a results-based organization and not a time-based one.


What athlete that you've worked with in your career most embodies a Triple-Impact Competitor: Making themselves better, their teammates better, and the game itself better.

Frank Mason


What is something most people would find surprising about your role at Kansas?

That we want the weight room to be a positive experience for people. It should be healthy, fun, competitive, and a real learning environment.

Favorite book?

The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren

Where can people find you? 

Twitter | Facebook | Instagram