Mindset Habit #1

Welcome to your first mindset habit - Consistency/Feeding the Piggy Bank. 

If you only take away one thing from this entire 12 weeks, I hope it's this: Consistency, in anything in life, is the key to success. 

It doesn't matter how intensely you do something if you only do it sometimes. It doesn't matter how often you think about doing the thing or how great your intentions are, Consistency - taking small action everyday - is how you will get better or see progress at anything. 

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." 

That's right. We're already hitting you with the cheesy quotes, but we believe in that shit. 

So your first habit is: Consistency/Feeding The Piggy Bank

The idea of feeding the piggy bank is to make a small, positive action deposit into the piggy bank that compounds interest into transformation. 

So often we want to overhaul everything at once and see dramatic change tomorrow. We are a society of instant gratification and taking the time and patience to do the small things is not always the most fun, but it's the thing that is the least painful that gets us the most results. 

How do we get to our end result? By breaking it down into small investments. 

For our purposes, investments will be behaviors. Behaviors could be anything from going grocery shopping so you have food in your house, scheduling your workouts in advance so they are non-negotiable, getting up when your alarm goes off, taking the time to foam roll and take care of your tissues at the end of your sessions, etc. 

It's making time to do that little thing will have huge payoff over time and shouldn't feel like it's too much to do. 

Let's pretend that we are talking about finances. 

Say you want to start a savings account but the minimum to start is $1300. In one lump sum, that might feel uncomfortable. It might cause some anxiety or feel overwhelming to have to cough up up front. BUT, if you could spread the payments out over a year, that's only $25/week. 

We spend $25/week on crazy shit: coffee, snacks, taking a cab 4 miles. It's easy and painless to spend $25/week. 

That's the beauty of small deposits that create a compound effect. They're unnoticeable and easy. 

The challenging part is, the little things are just as easy not to do. You have to make a conscious effort to incorporate that little thing into your life everyday to see it compound. 

So here's your action:

Pick ONE thing that you are going to consistently do or deposit into the piggy bank everyday. Make sure it's something you can easily nail. If you don't currently prep all your meals for the week, and you're eating out 2x a day, doing a full week of meal prep will likely be overwhelming. Make it small and doable. 

Maybe it's working out everyday.  

Maybe it's packing your lunch so you're not starving and grab the closest, easiest thing.

Maybe it's bringing a water bottle with you and drinking through out the day.

PIck one thing that you can easily commit to and take that small action everyday. We are going to be checking in on this with your weekly check-ins so you'll have some accountability. 

Daily Mindset Question: Did I feed the piggy bank?