Nutrition Habit #6

1% Better

How can you make your meal 1% better?

We've been practicing eating lots of lean protein, veggies, smart carbs, healthy fats, eating to 80%, and that's all fucking great. Those are the habits you need to practice to create a long term, healthy life. 

I realize that we also have life to live and those things are not always going to happen. We have emotions, and parties, and periods (FML), and boredom, and kids who want snacks, and sometimes have pent up sexual energy and we choose food to seductively indulge in instead of sex because we're not connected with our partner and we really just want to get nailed but instead we eat.... wow that took a turn quickly LOL, BUT WE DO! 

**DETOUR - a brilliant nutrition coach friend of mine was sharing about a group she coaches, and one of their topics was women who are feeling seductive or sexual in some way, but maybe they aren't connecting with their partners or don't have partners, so they choose to indulge in a food for pleasure that mimics the feeling of seduction. Chocolate lava cake... fondue... funyons. 

There was a women in her group who was in her 60's and single and very much related to this idea. She found she was using food for pleasure a lot of the time, so she bought a vibrator FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HER LIFE and experienced pleasure that way instead of through food and shared her experience in the group. 

WHAAAAAATT????? I don't know the rest of the story, but I'd love to think that she is now 50 bs lighter from spending her days masturbating instead of eating donuts and doritos haha. 

Back to the habit - END DETOUR**

While we might have the greatest intentions to eat the most balanced meals every time we eat, it's just not realistic sometimes. So, our final nutrition habit, and one that I hope you can easily use every time you eat, no matter what you eat: 1% Better. 

As yourself how you can make what you're eating 1% better. 

I don't care if you're eating popcorn and a bag of sour patch kids at the movie theater, how can you make it 1% better? Maybe add a bottle of water. Maybe one less pump of butter. Maybe share with a friend. 

It will all be specific to you and the circumstance, but when you're eating, think about something that would make it 1% better and go for it. 

The compound effect on one percent over a long period of time is HUGE, and if you have your whole life to live, take full advantage.  Hopefully this will be an easy thing you can take with you forever that will have a great long term result.