Nutrition Habit #2

Veggies + 1 day food log of choice

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Remember the time your mother made you sit at the table until you finished your asparagus, and you sat for 3 hours and couldn't do it, and the only time she let you get up was to go pee and you were so traumatized by the smell that you vowed never to eat it again? Well it's time to get over that. 

Wait, what? That didn't happen to you? You like asparagus? Oh, cool.... yeah, me too. 

Vegetables are awesome, and fibrous, and dense, and we can eat a fuck-ton of them with mostly only benefit. Outside of their nutritional value, they add a kick of volume that you just can't get from other foods. Here's a secret:

Calories don't make you full. Volume makes you full.

Think about it. How many handfuls of nuts does it take to make you feel full? I know personally I can eat about 4 massive handfuls of nuts before I feel satisfied in the moment. Those 4 handfuls cost me about 1000-1200 calories. 

Have you ever tried to eat 1000 calories of broccoli? It's because it's nearly impossible in one sitting. The sheer bulk after 500 calories would have you rolling on the floor. 


**Side note - fuck hot dog and giant pizza eating contests (no shade though - I love hot dogs and pizza). The truly impressive contest would be 5 pounds of salad for time. Lets see how fast someone could do that. The volume would so much greater than hot dogs or pizza per pound and the persons stomach would have to be a literal balloon, and they'd be the true champion of the world. Yes, their ass would blow out for the next two week, but "true champion of the world" title... #worthit.  

My point -  veggies are the most voluminous, nutrient dense foods we can consume that make us feel full quickly. 

So, part one of nutrition habit number 2 is:

Eat a serving of vegetables with 2 meals a day.

That's it. Nothing crazy. 

If you want to do more, heck yes. Do it! I try to get them in with every meal. I know it's a stretch for a lot of folks, especially with kids because #asparagustrauma. But, the more vegetables you can incorporate into your food life, the more nutrients you get and satiation you'll feel with minimal calories.  

Check out:


created by the badass folks at Precision Nutrition that gives you steps to prepping and loving your vegetables. You can print that shit or save it on your computer.  

Part 2: Pick 1 day to log your food.

You can log anyway that feels right to you**. If you have used my fitness pal in the past and want to log a day, awesome! If logging exact macros makes you feel crazy, you can also use an app like YouAte. YouAte allows you to take pictures of your food and it keeps track of the time you ate it. This way, you don’t have to record exact macros (amounts of carbs, protein, fats) but you can see a picture of the meal. If you are choosing this way, make sure to take of pic of EVERYTHING - drinks included. If apps aren’t your jam, a good old fashioned note pad works wonders. Try to guesstimate the amounts you ate (i.e. 1 cup Rice or 5 oz chicken or 8 bowls of cereal bc c’mon. 1 bowl??) and the times.

An example would be:

8:30am Breakfast: 3 egg omlette with spinach and goat cheese. 2 cups of coffee with 2 tbsp cream and splenda

11:00am Snack: Apple and 1/4 cup almonds

12:30pm Lunch: Salad with chicken, feta, olives, cucumbers, hummus, and 2 tbsp oil dressing. Cookie from snack tray.

3:30pm Snack: Quest Bar

7:00pm Dinner: 2 cups chili with 2 rolls. 1 beer.

9:30pm Snack: 2 fudge pops

**I want to throw out that if you have had disordered eating in the past with meticulous tracking and obsession, PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS! If you already know it doesn’t serve you, don’t do it.

If you haven’t logged in the past, logging ONE DAY is a great way to collect information. That’s all it is. We’re collecting data. This isn’t to judge ourselves or feel bad about our choices - it’s literally only to provide insight so we can start to play with what we are currently eating.

Pick a typical day of the week. Weekend is okay, but a lot of times our food choices are different on the weekends. Choose your way to log and log one day. We will be chatting about it during the check ins.

So, 2 servings of veggies a day and 1 day of logging to collect data. You got it!